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>> ok. thank you. >> thank you, senator rubio. senator udall. >> thank you, madame chair. the documents are very readable. thank you for the work your team has done.
. are they really ready to run rubio, really? you think? can jeb run if he can't bring his own brother to the republican convention and nominate him. the problem is the warm response to mitt romney having looked at and seen the alternatives. they may be thinking the grass doesn't look that green, doesn't it? i'm joined by david corn and yew joon robinson. you're a great washington observer. i'm looking at this and expecting rop knee to get all blah, blah and nobody shows up for trump. the house was empty. it was so great. he was tweeting about the big crowd. they brought him in for one reason. box office. let's talk about mitt. his face kept showing. all right. i lost. but they liked him. >> and finally he has grown on the party. they never liked him before but they fought the good fight. he did the best he could do. >> he fought their fight. >> right. he did the best he could do. i don't think this means he's back. >> in other words. he lost to the highest unemployment rate of anybody other president in american histor history. >> what does it tell you when they're willing to nominate
. marco rubio came in second to rand paul, followed by rick santorum and new jersey governor chris christie. you can see more details. here's the "huffington post" story. we also heard from sarah palin, and political commentator ann coulter. all the c-span coverage you can find at our website, a caller on independence line. gradeependent's line .aller: ♪ caller: it was excellent. i enjoyed rick santorum. socialble to tie in the issues of abortion, illegal immigration, and traditional marriage with our fiscal situation. a lot of people don't see the connection between the two. there is, especially the illegal immigration. i enjoyed ted cruz, because he gave an overview of -- overview of everything. but we need to do right now especially is make sure that we follow our immigration laws, and we do not have immigration reform. we have enforcement. if we don't, and these people stay in our country, we are going to have a continuing administration like we have right now because they will always vote democratic. host: donna from iowa is next on the line for republicans. call
're going to hear from narco rubio, the r.g. iii of american politics. >> all that's missing from that convention -- >> all i want to tdo is tesee t guy's birth certificate. >> the gop has grown -- >> he doubled down from it, didn't back up from it at all. >> i don't think we need to name any names, do we? >>> it is a very busy day in politics with a crucial moment for the president's outreach on capitol hill. even as conservatives gather to regroup, re-brand and rebuild at cpac 2013. this afternoon the president has been on capitol hill for a third day. this time meeting with house democrats as well as senate republicans. perhaps the key group that could work with him to craft a deficit reduction deal. after all, despite endless rounds of negotiations, we know that the caucus and the house gop has repeatedly refused engage. following the president's visit on wednesday, they offered their usual mix of intransigence and rigidity voiced by who else but majority leader eric cantor. >> if the president wants to let our unwillingness to raise taxes to get in the way, then we're not goi
por mi en mayo 7 seré desportdo. >> y queremos decirle a marco rubio que diga que si a la ciudadanía. >> manteniendo a las familias unidas un grupo de inmigrantes comenzó la caravana. >> hemos estado movilizando a la comunidad a los dreamers, para que se unan al esfurezo, necesitamos un nuevo sistema de inmigración. >> cientos de manifestante le hacen el llamado a marcos rubios para que le den la legalidad la marcha termina en el festival de la calle 8 en miami. >> caravanas como esta se movilizan en distintos estados, recolectan 1100 votos. >> como vemos sonmas las ciudades que organizan marchas a favor de la reforma migratoria, los participantes de sta marcha pedian una moratoria a las deportaciones que dividen a las familias. >> y jeff bush suena de los candidatos republicanos, sus declaraciones con el programa al punto avivan el debate. >> el ex gobernador de la florida dice que a la mayoría de las personas que tiene requisitos no le interesa tener el trabajo permanente. >> 60% de las personas estaban satisfechos vivir en las sombras. >> así les permiten vivir y trabajar per
. >> marco rubio, the florida u.s. senator of cuban descent who could help expand the party minority to women steered clear of the bipartisan proposal for rigorous defense of conservative social policy. >> because i believe state should define marriage in tratitionm way does not make me a bigot. just because we believe all life, all human life is worthy of protection on every stage of this development, does not make you a chauvinist. >> after rubio came rand paul. tea party favorite whose 13-hour filibuster captured national attention. we offered stark contrast to new ideas aren't needed on the right, offering libertarian argument for g.o.p. change. >> the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss covered. the new g.o.p. will need to embrace liberty in the economic and the personal sphere. >> others eyeing the white house or being urged to address cpac are jeb bush, louisiana governor bobby jindal and wisconsin governor scott walker who share cpac concern that the republicans not abandon core principles and misguided overreaction to last year election defeat. some including mitt romney, sarah pa
in washington? we'll show you the highlights from opening day. marco rubio. rand paul. good friend allen west. you hear all from all of them up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >> andrea: well, it's opening day at cpac, outside washington, d.c. this is the biggest gathering of conservatives since president obama's re-election. mitt romney and paul ryan will address the crowd tomorrow. who were the big speakers today? marco rubio and rand paul fresh off the filibuster fame. >> there has to be a home and movement in america for people who believe in limited government. constitutional principles. and free enterprise system. that should be us. >> i was told i got ten measly minutes. [ lau
to be a senator named marco rubio. works 16 hourwho and is asouth carolina single-parent can send a son on the path to be a senator. think individuals are weak. we know individuals are strong. what we believe works. .ere is a lot of stuff going on i heard one lady answer another one, saying, "there are a bunch of conservatives down their." there." guilty as charged. this conference is not just a collection of conservatives -- it is a gathering of men and women who have seen the american dream work magic in our own lives. our cause around these simple principles -- people are strong, they deserve our concern. and our values are big and spacious enough to work for all .f us and not just some of us not only will we earn power again, we will deserve power again. and may gods you bless america. thank you so much. [applause] ♪ >> i am truly honored to stand with you today to introduce our next speaker. honestly i am a little nervous. for those of you who know me i am usually in the back making things run. i am never out front and i am never under the light. this opportunity is really specia
't get the attention. >> marco rubio. >> they're not free-loaders, they're not liberals. >> translation -- >> this has had an impact on our people. >> it's a little more communal than some of the other speakers. >> hard working middle class. >> the republican party is still trying to reinvent and reunite itself. >> it was the left that got us into this mess. >> we don't need a new idea. >> we will persevere. >> it may not happen at this conference. >>> at the circus that calls itself the conservative political action conference, republicans are still trying to distance themselves from the damage done to the party by the mitt romney 47% video, which they know rushed romney's candidacy and fear has the power to continue to define them as a party. here's marco rubio, attacking everything mitt romney said in that video without ever using the words "mitt" or "romney." >> the vast majority of the american people are hard-working taxpayers who take responsibility for their families, go to work every day, they pay their mortgage on time, they volunteer in the community. this is what the vast ma
the right to define marriage in a traditional way does not make me a bigot. >> senator rubio a happy to espouse the marriage equality, notably absent from his speech was immigration. donald trump did not shy away from the topic this morning. >> when it comes to immigration, you know that the 11 million illegals even if given the right to vote, you know you're going to have to do what's right. but the fact is, 11 million people will be voting democratic. why aren't we letting people in from europe? i have many friends, many, many friends, and nobody wants to talk this. nobody wants to say it. >> it is unclear whether the donald's push to encourage quote european immigration will assist the party that lost latino voters in 2012 by a margin of 44 points. with the conference nearly half over, the ideas laboratory that is cpac seems yet to have birthed any great new thinking, despite the fact that the affordable care act is law of the land and being enacted in over 20 states, conservatives can't seem to let it go. >> this law is a disaster. >> anybody who thinks we've moved beyond it is d
of the question and the second much has been made about the g.o.p. divided. u have speakers like marco rubio and ron paul. they have vastly different. i was wondering your thoughts on that too. >> first of all, this problem that the party of this is old white men our average age was about 15 years younger than at the democratic convention. [applause] i maybe exaggerating slightly but not by much. i get the feeling that republicans want to take us back, i look at the democratic national convention, it is jimmy carter, teddy kennedy. who is trying to bring you back here? as for the groups republicans don't do well with, i think -- well, we're doing well, with white women, with married women, single married. mitt romney did better with receiver single demographic than john mccain. more of them voted for mitt romney than voted for mccain. the only two groups that voted more for mccain than romney were asians and hispanics, the two largest immigrant groups this country has been taken in for the last 30 years. teddy kennedy specifically designed his immigration act of 1965 to change america temper
republicans took in last year's election. month the speakers for day one, senators marco rubio, rand paul, both considered rising stars in the republican party. but getting just as much buzz is, well, that fellow. he won't be there. cpac snubbed chris christie months after he gave the keynote address at the republican national convention. cameron has the news live in maryland. carl, what do they have to say? reporter: well, cpac says the reason they didn't invite chris christie is because he expanded medicaid in the state and was appreciative of mr. obama's help in the summer storm sandy. been mock donald was not inviced bought he raced transportation taxes, and we saw an interesting dichotomy. a split between rand paul and marco rubio. rubio said he was criticized for offering a lot of new ideas. rand paul said the g.o.p. is getting moss covered and needs to embrace more libertarian social some economic policy. a difference in prepare. m-rubio, very popular, charismatic, latino, is pushing immigration reform. he didn't talk about that. instead he talked about core social conservative iss
had twice before. florida senator marco rubio came in a close second as well. and you just heard that -- i'd say a rousing speech by senator ted cruz there. >> rick: a speech that he seemed to be delivering off the cuff. there were a couple teleprompters, but you may have noticed he was walking back and forth, speaking probably not off the top of his head, i'm sure he put some thoughts together, but he wasn't delivering off a teleprompter. >> arthel: his mentioning his father, the elder raphael cruz, cuban immigrant, he's very proud of his dad and his family's accomplishments and the fact that he wouldn't believe that at 55 years later, that his he, the son, is now in a position that he is in this great state of america. >> rick: dishwasher when he first came to this country. of course, senator cruz is a favorite amongst republicans and conservatives. cpac featured some of the biggest names in the movement who really laid out their visions for rebuilding the country, rebuilding their party, weighing in on some of the heated battles that are going on in washington right now. >> ar
rubio is going to go to the podium. this is the conservative political action conference annual meeting taking place. he's one of the key gop players wlo did get invite today this political gathering just outside of washington. new jersey governor chris christie and bob mcdonald two of the noted republicans not invited. there you see rubio there. the event considered really a gauge of conservative thinking and even early preview of the 2016 early presidential race. he is just starting to speak. we want to bring in brianna keilar at this event. tell us why this moment is important for him, brianna. >> reporter: certainly this is an event, suzanne, that i think people look at really wonder how relevant cpac is but certainly often relevant in the fact that you're seeing sort of upcoming political players in the republican party. a lot of them come here maybe for their debut or to kind of cement their status. but there's another issue this year that i think makes this something that's more to watch. and that is what is the future of the republican party? that is actually the theme of this y
should move forward. florida's marco rubio offered the gop's problem was just the box, it's all about packaging. >> you hear all this debate about infighting among conservatives, infighting among people that believe in limited government. that's really a foolish notion. we don't need a new idea. there is an idea, the idea is called america and it still works. >> meanwhile, kentucky senator rand paul said two of the three legs of ronald reagan's thr three-legged stool need fixing. waving binders of the trimts of his 13-hour filibuster in the air, paul challenged the values of the party's hawks taking a dig at the gop's old guard. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. i don't think we need to name any names, do we? if we're going to have a republican party that can win, liberty needs to be the backbone of the gop. >> so, he's arguing that the pizza's a little bit off. while rubio never mentioned paul by name, he defended u.s. engagement abroad saying the u.s. can't solve every war, but we also can't be retreating from the world. meanwhile romney got no love from speaker af
later this afternoon. >> let's talk about rubio and paul here. made a lot of contradictions that seem to be emerging from the first days at cpac. you had marco rubio saying conservatives don't really need new ideas. then you had rand paul calling the gop stale. you had the first cpac immigration, marco rubio didn't mention immigration. >> reporter: i think it is not a contradiction but a distinction. ideas are not the same as solutions. i think what i hear rand paul saying, we have to have solutions to people's problems. not just say i'm for this and i'm for that. what does that mean? why will that make my life better? what i hear marco rubio saying, a more generic statement saying the ideas, the principles we believe in are timeless truth that have been true on this planet from the beginning of its existence. we don't need new ideas. what we need are solutions. and really, marco rubio and rand paul are sort of the yin and the yang of conservatism. rubio does a phenomenal job of articulating and rand paul articulates specifics on policy. i think if you were to run them as a ticket. if
, under way. rising gop stars marco rubio and rand paul kicked things off at the first day of cpac, each providing a vision of the future for their party. the junior senator from florida was the first to address the crowd, speaking about fiscal responsibility, and the need to defend social values. >> we believe in solving our debt problem. because it's hurting job creation. the only real approach that solves it is the combination of fiscal discipline and rapid economic growth. there's no tax increase in the world that will solve our long-term debt problem. just because i believe that states should have the right to define marriage in a traditional way does not make me a bigot. the people who are close-minded in american politics are the people that love to preach about the certainty of science with regards to our climate. but ignore the absolute fact that science has proven that life begins at conception. >> rubio also refuted the notion that america needs to change its ways. >> as soon as i'm done speaking, i'll tell you what the criticism of the left is going to be. one, he drank too m
marko bio and these bush rubio and these bushes pushing for it. they are panicked and demoralized after the last election. stop panicing republicans. liberal writing the obish rare of the republican party right now remind me of new homeowners at the height of the housing bubble. people announce their complete triumph moments before their crushing defeat. our job -- our job is to ensure democrats have that crushing defeat. thank you and ill take some questions. [applause] >> go ahead. >> do you believe that chris christie should have been invited to cpac this year? >> the nominee? >> chris christie invited to speak? >> oh, did you see his convention speech? >> yes. >> it was really bad. [laughter] i must say, as you know, i have loved chris christie i am a single voter against amnesty so christie is off my list. [applause] our next speaker ted cruz is still on my list. [applause] >> good evening. i'm from ohio. is there any advice you can give us young, vocal, black conservatives for dealing with the liberal mob and will you go on a date with me? [applause] >> yes, absolutely, young man,
on the democratic side and talk of no one really on the republican side. are they really ready to run rubio really? are they thinking about risking it all with jindal? do you think? can jeb run if he can't bring his own brother, and who on earth thinks he can to the republican convention to nominate him? he can't show up with his brother. the problem explains the warm response to mitt romney today. having looked at and seen the alternatives, they may be thinking, whoa, that grass there don't look all that green, does it? i'm joined by david corn with "mother jones" and of course the "washington post's" great eugene robinson. you're a great washington observer. i'm looking at this today and expecting romney to get blah, blah, blah. first of all, know shows up for trump. nobody. the house is empty. it was so great. it was empty. empty chairs. he was tweeting -- we're going to get to that later -- tweeting how it's going to be a big crowd. brought him in for one reason, box office. mitt came out, his face kept showing, all right, i lost, all right, i lost, already, i lost. and it went on for about te
that don't see what's beingyo done, what's beig manipulated. >> greg, with ted cruz, marco rubio, scott, on down the line, i think the young people will realize the republicans don't care about the color of your skin. >> however, i'm thinking, in some ways you could take the fight for gay marriage, if you look at somebody like ellen degeneres who decided that sheer was going to be courageous when she did the coming out on sitcom and then she has continued to talk about it and push that issue. she knows that when people go to talk to her, if she were to talk about like pick any other topic, they want to know, how will youp help us on gay marriage? it's like the elephant in the room. they are blackoo or hispanic. these two gentlemen that we'vee shown. if you look at rubio, cruz, everybody writes the story. when you pick a story up in the morning, it's going tohe refer o them being hispanic or black. so they just take it on rather than t ignoring it and say, all right. i'm going to embraceg it and tak about it because otherwise, on the conservative side, no one wants to talk about it at al
to prosperity where they use a claw to grab at tiny toy globes. as for souvenirs nothing can beat a marco rubio water bottle. yes, $25 for this. then actual attempts at substance, and the thirsty man himself made an appearance today. here he is on science. >> the people who are actually close-minded american politics are people who love to preach the certainty of science with regard to our climate but ignore the absolute fact that science has proven that life begins at conception. >> michael: and speaking of attention-seeking science bashers, rand paul got his 15 minutes today. that's better than 13 hours i guess. he used this chunk of time to bash medical research. >> does it really take $3 million to discover that monkeys like humans act crazy on meth? >> michael: well, that's rand paul sober, i would hate to see like he would be like on meth. paul didn't go after life-saving research but senior members of his own part. paul has been engaged in a war of words with senator mccain and had some choice ones today. >> the g.o.p. of old has grown steal and moss-covered. i don't think we need to nam
rubio addressed the conference a few minutes ago. >> there are jobs not being created in this country because we have a $16.5 billion debt and it is only succeed to get bigger. that problem has to be solved. you can only solve it, the only real approach is the combination of fiscal discipline. there is no tax increase in the world that will solve our long term debt problem. >> senior political editor mark murray joins me live now from cpac. a few moments ago, i understand, senator rand paul was on the stage behind you. is he still going? >> reporter: they are still going. there is a panel right now as you mentioned. the two big speeches this afternoon from florida senator marco rubio as well as rand paul. both of those people are seen as potential 2016 republicans and that's why we're watching them here. they end up getting a big applause from the conservatives in the audience. both about equal applause. marco rubio was talking about his focus on the middle class and he responded to a lot of liberal critics by saying, the republican party doesn't need new ideas. the idea is the americ
question by s david cgregory. >> is it you or marco rubio? who are we more likely toxdxdhtn the white house? >> you guys are crack addicts, you are really obsessed with all this politics.ok >> you know, i've been called a lot of things -- >> marco rubio is a great guy. okay, heroin addict. is that better? we have big challenges.Ñi >> bush said being florida's governor was one of theñr greatt thrills of his life. a congressman known for puttingf up his dukes on capito&zhill stepped into a real ring for e1 ujvju)h)epublican peter king. he says he likes to box, he's e1 been training for several yearsq last night for a fund-raiser on long island he went on some gloves and went toe to toe with añr kickboxingc5c years younger than him. >> congressman king is 68 yearsd old, $tá e wore no head gear and threw punches pretty Ñf aggressively for tpw=rounds. they really went at it, no sparring, but it was jus!yer exhibition. >>> there's a lot of buzz right now about a new book by facebook's number two in (ÑiÑijf command.e1qñrxdqt(Ñi cheryl e1xdsandberg e1e1"leani], working and the will to lead
party favorite rand paul at his -- and his senate colleague marco rubio, the son of cuban immigrants, were the stars on the first day of cpap. >> we don't need a new idea. the idea is called america and it still works. >> rubio gives the party its best chance to retake the white house in 2016. these republicans say they need to maintain their core , standing upalues to abortion and for gun rights. the conservative party -- >> the conservative party has to stop using the same old white guys we have seen for the last 20 years. we need to see asians, hispanics, more blacks, more women like me. that is what we need. we need different messengers. >> finding new messengers may be the focus of this gathering, even if the message stays the same. kimberly halkett, al jazeera, national harbor, maryland. >> staying in the u.s., a group of students from latin america and asia have walked off their jobs at a mcdonald's restaurant, protesting in new york city demanding that the government review its existing guestworker program. a program allows university students from around the world to live in
by republicans by more than two to one. >> senator marco rubio. >> reporter: at this week's conservative political action conference, rising stars like marco rubio preached to the choir. >> just because i believe states should have the right to define marriage in a traditional way doesn't make me a bigot. >> reporter: and today mitt romney was greeted with cheers as he reemerged and apologized for losing. >> it is up to us to make sure that we learn from our mistakes and my mistakes and that we take advantage of that learning to make sure that we take back the nation and put in place conservative principles. >> reporter: republican critics say a group that courts donald trump and wayne la pierre. >> you keep your advice. we'll keep our guns. >> reporter: but shuts out new jersey's popular governor chris christie. >> i wish them the best. let them have a great conference. as for the rest of it, it doesn't bother me a whole heck of a lot. i can't sweat the small stuff. >> reporter: still hasn't learned how to win. >> this has, over the last couple of years, become almost a "star wars" bar
followed by senator marco rubio. the vote is a reflection of the party trying to reengineer itself to connect with voters. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin and house speaker newt gingrich echoed that. >> we're not here to rebrand a party. we're here to rebuild a country. >> the republican establishment is just plain wrong about how it approaches politics. >> donald trump, jeb bush, mitt romney and paul ryan also spoke at the conference but just as striking who wasn't there. new jersey governor chris christie who applauded president obama for his response to hurricane sandy right before the election, was not invited. and yesterday members did not react well to ohio senator rob portman announcing his son is guy and now supports gay marriage. >>> coming up next at 5:00, a first for san francisco, the new cruise ship calling the city home. we'll hear from the passengers taking part in the inaugural trip. >> we'll introduce you to the man who was chosen to design a chal is for the pope. >> reporter: live in san carlos, a former 49er is saying good-bye to fans and also rais
and donald trump get more speaking time in washington than marco rubio and paul ryan. that's coming up. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy, but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep ziggy's body as strong as a love that reaches further than anyone's words. iams. keep love strong. >>> since december 14th when 20 children and six women were massacred at sandy hook in newtown, connecticut, more than 2605 people have been killed with a gun in the united states. but that body count has not yet been enough to convince congress to act on gun safety. one man from newtown did his part today to push congress. he'll join me next. [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51. picass
open white house seat and today, we have the opportunity to hear both marco rubio and rand paul, both u.s. senators, both tea party favorites, with divergent views and conservative as well. marco rubio did not talk about his comprehensive immigration reform and bipartisan proposal, with a total of six members, three republicans and three democrats. focused mostly on social conservativism and made the argument that in the wake of last year's defeat the republican party doesn't need new ideas, maybe just stick to principles, listen and the contrast with rand paul. >> i'll tell you what the criticism on left is going to be, that he did didn't opt for any new ideas and there is is the fallacy, we don't need a new idea. there is an idea, the idea is called america and it still works. . >> the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss-covered. the new g.o.p. will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere. >> reporter: rubio's obviously recognized as a hispanic american who can help the republican party grow appeal with minorities and women. rand paul, the kentucky sen
, $25 if you get it early, i guess. senator marco rubio also spoke today, he defended his stance on gay marriage. >> i respect people that disagree with me on certain things. but they have to respect me too. just because i believe that states should have the right to define marriage in a traditional way does not make me a bigot. >> with two more days of cpac to go, there will be plenty of other memorable moments, i'm sure. let's turn to howard fineman prelim analyst and editorial director of "the huffington post" media group. nice to have you with us tonight. >> hi, ed. >> issues to rest. that's what my little note here is. can the republican party put some of these issues to rest like gay marriage and immigration? will they make any forward progress at cpac? your thoughts? >> well, i don't think they want to put them to rest. i think in a way the -- the mentality of cpac is also reflected in congress in the mentality of representative paul ryan's budget. he's putting forth the same thing that lost in the election, the cpac people are basically saying for the most part, for the most par
of his libertarian views. in second place was marco rubio, the florida senator. many people think he will run for president in 2016. rand paul and marco rubio gave back-to-back speeches on thursday. coming in third was rick santorum who had a strong run for the president shaial republ nomination. chris christie who is not here came in next. congressman paul ryan rounded out the top five right there. we have the results of the t straw poll. the question is will it matter in 2016? probably not. but it is bragging rights now for senator rand paul. >> i'm looking at an e-mail. marco rubio, 25%. let's see. santorum with 8%. chris christie, 7%. paul, 6%. then 23% -- we have two rubios. anyway. here's a question. chris christie is not even there and got 7%. what's the deal with chris christie? how do they feel about him there? >> clearly a lot of people think chris christie has done a good job. he's a republican governor in a blue state. he came under a lot of criticism for embracing president obama after super storm sandy came in and wiped out the shoreline of new jersey. he did it right b
up in laughter as he made fun of marco rubio amy klauboshar was the democratic speaker and president obama said he felt sorry for al franken who had gone from being the funniest man on saturday night live to the second funniest senator from minnesota. >> bobby jindall did a good job from what i read. >> for the first time ever, the queen of england is expected to publically signal her support for gay rights today. the daily mail reporting the queen is signing a new commonwealth charter against discrimination being signed by the 54 commonwealth nations. they were all once part of the british empire. it does not use any lgbt wording but the way it is written implies that discrimination toward gaze is unacceptable. the first time a queen has done that. >> in public with the t.v. cameras there. good for her. >> it's like day after day after day after day we get more people that are sort of showing that the tide has turned on gay marriage. >> yeah. putting those people who are still such homophobes as totally out of touch with the way the worl
party including one of the most talked about senators of late rand paul. >> marco rubio talking about his vision for the country. >> there are jobs not being created in this country because we have a 16 and a half trillion dollar debt and it's only scheduled to be bigger. that problem has to be solved. the only real approach to solve it is combination of fiscal discipline and rapid economic growth. i will tell you what the criticism on the left will be. number one he drank too much water number two he didn't offer any new ideas. there's the palsy of i-- fallac of it. the idea is called america, and it still works. >> the filibuster was about drones but also about much more. do we have a bill of rights and do we have a constitution and will we defend it. within a few days the president finds an extra $250 million to send to egypt. >> you know the country where mobs attacked our embassy burned our flag and chanted death to america. he found an extra $250 million to reward them. >> now he has decide to do shut down white house tours. apparently now the only folks who can get a tour of th
-up and marco rubio who said we don't need any new ideas as republicans. we'll cover did it all right here next on current tv. [ music ] billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. (vo) this afternoon, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brin
, go away. >> gregg: two of the more electrifying addresses, rand paul and marco rubio, and paul referred to the public party the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and lost cover. are these a couple of guys who intend to lead the party in a new direction? >> well, i think certainly rand paul does. i would say that marco rubio has a lot more in common with people rand paul are saying are moss covered than rand paul does. marco rubio has been strong on national defense and i think that's basically what this difference, what this argument is about. my colleague, bill kristol at the weekly standard has an editorial going back and revisiting that comment from rand paul and looking at the history of the republican party and its position on national defense. strength through-- peace through strength and going back and looking at the times when the country was war weary and there have been times in the past the country was war weary and when the united states lets down its guard there are often serious repercussions for having done so down the line. >> gregg: i think that's important to reme
, will be considered substantial. and will probably include some form of victory lap for marco rubio. it is the kind of thing that will continue to make the paul ryans the old -- as young as he is -- the old republican party, and rubio the new guard. >> exactly. for people that pay attention to the content of the policy, it will probably have some conservative ingredients as well. it is not like they have to walk away from the table saying they only co-signed what obama strictly wanted. i think that's the real question as we go into this period, which of the leaders see dividends in doing things and working across the aisle and while they don't do it very often, people like chris christie and marco rubio have shown there's a third way there. >> krystal, is it conceivable, one of the big stars on the bench of the republican party, jeb bush, many people say he is the savior, as soon as he makes the move we have somewhere to go, that he could spend a week with a new book about immigration that would have absolutely no effect on the republican dialogue about the subject? >> no effect and no positive imp
, we will persevere. >> on deck for later today, senators marco rubio and rand paul. texas governor rick perry and south carolina's newest senator, tim scott. back inside the beltway, president obama will return to the capitol for a third straight day of meetings. yesterday the president ventured into hostile territory, grilled by house republicans looking for an upper hand in the budget battles. >> i thought that we had a very frank and candid exchange of ideas. the president understands we've got long-term spending that we need to deal with. but he's going to hold hostage the fact that he wants to raise taxes on the american people. >> again, if the president wants to let our unwillingness to raise taxes get in the way, then we're not going to be able to set differences aside and focus on what we agree on. >> so with -- obama himself down played the outreach during remarks last night to his policy armoring for ak action. >> the press in washington has been reporting about obama's charm offensive. all i've been doing is calling up folks and trying to see if we can breakthrough some
interest, because he is looking for the long term against marco rubio and rand paul who are hot right now, and jeb bush has great name recognition and may not do well here but later on and if he decides to jump in and bring in more money to the campaign. >> and isn't this a straw poll that is meaningless, because rand paul has won several times. >> well, this is the first opportunity for people who are running for 2016 to get their name out for potential activists to jump on board or campaign donors the look at them. it is a straw poll to see who should we be looking at down the road. >> and chip, yesterday, we got some mixed messages about the two conservatives of 2016 buzz, and litet's take a listen to the clips. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. now, i don't think that we need to name any names. >> we don't need a new idea. there is an idea, and the idea is called america, and it still work works. >> so on the one hand you have paul saying that the party is stale and moss cover and rubio saying, no everything is working and we don't need to make any changes, and the d
of marriage that i've had for over 26 years. >> and this comes right after marco rubio took a very hard line. let's see marco rubio at cpac yesterday. >> i respect people that disagree with me on certain things. but they have to respect me, too. just because i believe that states should have the right to define marriage in the traditional way does not make me a bigot. >> sam portman's son has tweeted today, i'm especially proud of my dad today. and we did see chris cillizza, in the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll that for the first time, 51% of those polled were in favor of gay marriage. we've seen a large number of well-known republicans signing on to that amicus brief. in support of the challenge to prop 8 which will be argued in a couple of weeks. but among republicans there's a very different, different posture in our polling. republicans are still very much against it. >> you know, andrea, the thing i compare to, and i would say i compare to this issue, prenewtown and pre-aurora. but i compare it to democrats and guns in the sort of mid 1990s up until about 2011. which is there is s
younger members of the republican party and here i will speak directly about marco rubio who are defending or against marriage equality, and he said as much at cpac. how did the crowd respond to that. what was the discussion after his espousal of traditional marriage, not for gay couples. >> it is interesting. marco rubio had more to do with his star power in the establishment than for people agreeing with him. rand paul got a bigger ovation and more energy in the crowd. i went to a panel after that about next generation of the republican party and they talked about rand paul, not about marco rubio, and talked about room in the party to disagree. if you poll people here, you are going to get an opinion different from maybe the actual republican national convention. this is the next generation. i want to add i don't think it is necessarily sad this is what it took portman to change his mind. i am a supporter of marriage equality, i'll take what i can get. glad he is on my side. >> a lot of people agree. quickly, ari, marco rubio may sacrifice basic civil rights, but at least he can quote ja
rubio, kelly ayotte, rand paul, among a few of the big-name speakers to talk about it in depth was donald trump. take a listen. >> the 11 million illegals, even if given the right to vote you know, your going to have to do what's right, but the fact is 11 million people will be voting democratic. you can be out front, you can be the spear head, you can do whatever you want to do but every one of those 11 million people will be voting democratic, just wait it works. >> that the way it works, bill richardson? >> no. i don't know why donald trump gets so much coverage because he makes no sense. the best statistic us in a presidential race are around 65 to 70% does go to the presidential candidate. george bush, western he was elected, got 44% that's wrong. i think hispanics are, for instance you not like an afro-american vote, they vote in a block. and you have to some conservative hispanics, cuban-americans, others. i think the hispanic vote, yeah, is decidedly democratic, but to say that you're gonna get 11 million democratic votes is ludicrous. i think what's happening is the mo
florida senator marco rubio is talking about this morning. responding to the move by the administration to close the white house for tours saying there were other areas other ways it could have been cut and this is just for publicity. >> this sequester they are going to look for the most painful cuts from a publicity perspective in order to drive home the point this is a bad idea. there are going to be spending reductions ear here or there. i think people watching this program who have had reductions of 10, 15, 20 percent in the household budget some people lost everything. they would be shocked to hear a bunch of politicians belly aching about a 2, 3 percent reduction. people have seen massive reductions in their own home budgets and businesses and so forth. this is just the beginning. you are going to continue every single day. you are going to see the best known national parks close down airports being targeted. they are going to try to make this as painful as possible because they are trying to make a political point. >> rubio saying you have to lead by example and the president had
where marco rubio is clowning around. >> there's this couple that i know. they are on my son's tackle football team. they are struggling. they live in a little small apartment, they share one car. they are not free dloaders. they are not liberals. >> and please direct your attention to the ring on my left. who new congressman louie gomert was an acrobat. hold on to your seats as he takes a daring leap off of reason. >> one of the things that we've heard over and over again since vietnam is, well, we don't want to get in another unwinnable war like vietnam. vietnam was winnable but people in washington decided we would not win it. >> the crowd loves it. and over on my right, it's the tax man himself, grover norquist. who knew he was also an animal trainer? >> republican elected officials who vote for tax increases are rat heads in a coat closet. they damage the brand for everybody else. >> wow. that is a circus act we've never heard before. got to hand it to the gop. they are flying through the air without a net. joining me now, our "politicsnation" correspondents. thank you for being
and personal sphere. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio tailored his message to addressing the everyday concerns of middle-class americans. >> our people have not changed. the vast majority of the american people are hard-working taxpayers who take responsibility for their families, go to work everyday, they pay their mortgage on time, they volunteer in the community. this is what the vast majority of the american people still are. >> reporter: those not invited to speak illustrated the divisions in conservative ranks between tea party adherents and traditionalists. new jersey governor chris christie was excluded after he praised president obama's handling of superstorm sandy last fall. and then, criticized congressional republicans for blocking emergency disaster funding. also snubbed was virginia governor bob mcdonnell, who is raising taxes to pay for a transportation plan in his state. all of which leaves conservatives facing a key question: how to unify behind a central message that moves the republican party forward? veteran republican pollster whit ayres says it will take more tha
what is done and manipulated. >> eric: with mia love, ted cruz, marco rubio, scott, on down the line, i think young people will realize republicans don't care about the color of the skin. >> dana: however, i was just thinking in some ways, you could take a fight for gay marriage. if you look at somebody like ellen degeneres who decided she was going to be courageous and she did the coming out on the sitcom and then she has continued to talk about it and push that issue. she learned to talk about the garden variety topic. how do you help us on gay marriage? it's elephant in the room. they are black. they are hispanic. the two gentlemen so far, rubio, cruz. everybody, they have a story. if you pick the story up in the morning it will refer to them being hispanic or black. they just take it on rather than ignoring it to say all right, i'll elbrake it or -- embrace it. conservative side. no up with wants to talk about it and we end losing. >> eric: i hate to -- >> bob: i hate to give advice to republicans and conservatives. they won't take it. but something to think about, because the repub
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